Happy Easter with Fimo

I'm not a big Easter celebrator, but I do enjoy making Easter crafts. Trying to avoid feathers thou since I just learned the pretty much all colored feathers you see in stores are feathers from real birds. Even the ones the look a bit plastic.

So I went all "bird friendly" this year and made a cute Fimo chicken and bunny (and now I'm wondering if Fimo is environmentll friendly to make?).

BMO will keep your pens in order

Trying to catch upon posting things I've made the past year. Like this cute BMO* pen-holder. I made it for my girlfriend but has now moved to my desk (I got way to many pens).

I remember that I planned to put it together without using glue. But I was to tired and messed up the pattern a bit. So in the end I just use glue to put it all together. Won't last 10 years but it works for now. 

*BMO is a character (a gaming machine) from anime series called "Adventure Time". Highly recommend checking it out.

Neon chickens ready to invade Easter

Alright, me and my neon chickens are ready for Easter. Check out my 3D chicken tutorial if you want to make your own. I discovered that photographing them was almost has hard as making them. It's was very hard to make the neon color look bright and the black "eggs" black.

I've got three more chickens in neon blue, orange and so on. But I need to take no pictures of them. I'll put them up as soon as I have edited theme.